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The Euromime Master ( is one of the 138 European masters of the Erasmus Mundus program launched since now more than 5 years by the European Community.

Euromime is a European Master in Media Engineering for Education. It trains project managers in the field of design, development and implementation of educational and training programs resorting to computer-mediated environments. It also trains researchers specializing the study of the use of use of these technologies.

The Euromime consortium is composed of 7 universities, 3 in south-west Europe (Université de Poitiers – France; Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid – España; Universidade Técnica de Lisboa – Portugal) and 4 in Latin America (Universidad de Los Lagos, Osorno – Chile; Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima; Universidade de Brasilia – Brasil; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – México)

We are looking for European and non-European students interested in a trilingual two-year program, combining a study stay in our three European universities and a study period in Latin America. The candidatures must be sent before January 6th, 2014 !

It’s possible to attend master course WITH an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (awarded by the European commission to students based on the quality of the applications) or WITHOUT this scholarship (scholarship distinct from the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, student bank loan, sponsoring, etc.…). The number of places available for the Euromime master course is higher than the number of scholarships delivered by the European Commission.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for European students and from Liechtenstein, Iceland & Norway:
> 2 year grant (23000€) and tuition fees for the program are €2000/semester.

Self-paying Europeans and non-European students:
>Tuition fees for the program are €2000/semester.

Jean-François Cerisier, Euromime consortium Coordinator

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